Is it possible to use my Courrier account?

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Is it possible to use my Courrier account?

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i'm having a hard time trying to talk with NXP about my purchase, and maybe it's a worth topic talking about the shipping methods, duties, etc, at least for companies in Brazil that are looking for better prices and reduced duties (in a legal way).

Here in Brazil, if i buy directly from NXP, from the platform, the material comes via courrier, and we pay 100% of duties, that's not worth, and it's better to buy the products from Mouser/Digikey (~25 higher prices) for a proper way of customs clearance, paying 43~50% duties depending of NCM/HS code.

The best way (lower cost) of purchasing would be controlling the importing, generally via my account number of DHL or FEDEX. Also it's possible to not use my account, but if i know that the product will come via DHL, i can contact them, with the AWB number, and they can "block for formal import", and they make the clearance in the right way. 

Other option that seems feasible is to use an agent company for consolidate internally and forward the package, it's a good way to purchase from many companies and pay just one clearance service (that's not cheap), but you may pay internal US taxes ~6% extra depending on the state, or pay some premium consolidating services (~$60/year) on tax free US states. But that would be a very slow and not practical way of importing. 

I know that it could not be easy for NXP to allow product pickup as the items could be from different warehouses, the same happens with TI, but it would be a huge economy for the consumer. 

I'm sending emails for for a week now and no responses.

Last tip, for Brazilians, use online companies for wire transfer, don't use credit card (better conversion and lower IOF).

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Hello rodrigovernini‌, 

We recommend you to contact your local distributor.

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