The problem with writing IFC SRAM in U-Boot

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The problem with writing IFC SRAM in U-Boot

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I am encountering an issue with writing to the IFC SRAM (0xff800000 address) in U-boot on our custom board with a T2080 processor. I have successfully developed a baremetal IFC NAND flash driver that works correctly. However, when integrating this driver into U-boot, I am unable to write to the IFC SRAM address. Strangely, in the baremetal environment, I do not encounter any problems with writing to this address. I have attempted to use the "mw" command in U-boot, but it does not seem to have any effect. Could you help me pls?

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hope this post finds you well,

Please note that an appropriate API is required.

I would like to inform you that our U-boot contains the necessary APIs for the appropriate operation of the device.

For more information for this process I highly recommend you to check the following link:

Best Regards,

Hector Villarruel

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