T2080 Power Specifications Clarification

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T2080 Power Specifications Clarification

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In the T2080 datasheet, Tables 6 & 8 provided power estimates and maximums. Are those values based on running single or dual threads on the cores? 

Table 10 then provides power estimates for the different power phases. Wherein a single core being pushed into PH20 would save PH10+PH15+PH20 for that frequency. Is there a power estimate for running a core in single vs dual threading? How does leaving a core in reset compare to being in any of these 3 phases?

Finally, for a Low Power 1.5GHz or 1.2GHz device have you captured power consumption at 1.0GHz (which is the lowest the cluster clock can be set to), or running the core cluster at 750Mhz using a /2 mode. I am really only interested in power numbers at high temp (Tj = 105C).

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