Modifying Yocto generated U-boot and U-boot prompt messages

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Modifying Yocto generated U-boot and U-boot prompt messages

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Hello nxp community,

A simple question. I am using SDK 2.0 for T1042D4RDB. In <sdk_installation_path>/<tmp>/<work>/<t1042d4rdb_64b-fsl-linux>/<u-boot-qoriq>/<2016.09+fslgit+r0>/<git> folder I have U-boot source code for my RDB.

Question is;

Does modifying this source code and recompiling U-boot using bitbake ("bitbake -c compile -f u-boot" and "bitbake u-boot") affects U-boot .bin outputs in <sdk_installation_path>/<tmp>/<deploy>/<images> folder ? 

I also want to do ;

I am trying to change U-boot prompt messages when my board is power up. For example, prompt messages is starting with U-boot "U-boot versiyon" "U-boot.bin file creation date" and then some device driver initialization messages and so on... I want to customize this screen and write some self messages like "Welcome to my board" or "Device is about to open, here is the driver situations..".

I was looking source of U-boot and i found some related files like this In this file there is a line (line 88) which is

printf("  Hit any key to stop autoboot: %2d ", menu->delay);

prints the timer when U-boot is about to be closed and linux is about be open.

I changed this line and put another string instead. Recompiled U-boot and put my U-boot.bin to my embedded board. It did not work. String did not change.

Any suggestions ?

If not, how can it be possible to change U-boot binaries. I want to change RAM size of U-boot.

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I was changing wrong file, changing the right file and creating .patch did work well. 

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