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CodeWarrior Classic EVAL - flex

Contributor I

Trying to EVALUATE the legacy CodeWarrior classic edition ( 6.3 ) and would like to test the flex licensing situation.

However I read through the FLEX setup guide, but when I try to generate the license for the EVAL version it does not offer me the page (and fields) to enter Server ID or FLEX ID while generating license.

I would like to test this setup, as our this version has to run on WinXP inside a virtual machine, so want to test flex licensing solution works before paying to flex license



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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Evaluation licenses do not need a dongle nor Server set up.

Evaluation license file are used in client base mode , this means the license file will work locally wit no need of external hw such dongle or server. 

if you want to evaluation please go to the next page 

if you would like to test a more specific scenario such as dongle based or server based create a support case in 

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