Does any WriteBinary example exist?

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Does any WriteBinary example exist?

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for quick evalution it would be fine to write and read binary files to/from SE050 (to get a whole chain of instructions manually run).

I can´t find any example program or ssscli command to do so.

Is there any program/ssscli command available? If not, could you provide one?

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi @simon_ger ,


Actually there is an MW example for this function, and you may find it in the demo of "C:\se050_middleware\simw-top\demos\se05x\se05x_Delete_and_test_provision", the code is something as below:

se050 write binary demo.png


Hope that helps,


Have a great day,

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Sorry, my first post was not very precise: I would like to have a example program which I can pass my own binary file to. E.g. like cmd-line parameter.

Is there any?

It would be fine to be able to "play" a whole chain of steps just by example programs (i.e. write data, gen keys, do signing, read, verify). So we could do the whole steps once manually for evaluation.

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