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low power adc gpio

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 Hello, could you please ask about the information of S32K144? Can adc work under stop1 mode?In the process of experiment, after entering stop1 mode, ADC can be interrupted to wake up, but the data manual shows that ADC cannot work under stop1.At the same time, after entering the stop mode, we also chose gpio external interrupt mode to wake up, but there may be shaking problems, do you have any methods or Suggestions to shake out?Thank you very much!

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport


The ADC module has been validated in the STOP2 low-power mode as specified in Table 38-4 and Section 41.11 (RM rev.9) and it should be used in this low-power mode only.

Regarding the GPIO interrupt, I would recommend using Digital Filter on the port. 

Please refer to Section 12.7.5 in the S32K1xx RM and the description of the following PORT registers
12.6.7 Digital Filter Enable Register (PORT_DFER)
12.6.8 Digital Filter Clock Register (PORT_DFCR)
12.6.9 Digital Filter Width Register (PORT_DFWR)

Thank you,

BR, Daniel

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