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Connect device on NxpOpenBus

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I want to use the unified bootloader framework to flash my S32K116 through LIN, I was told to use NxpOpenBus.

I just downloaded NxpOpenBus I want to use the ISO-LIN-UDS-TOOL but I can not connect my device. I keep receiving "Error-8".


I am trying to connect my EVB to my computer with a general USB to serial RS-232 cable, I am only  connecting the pin 7 (LIN) and pin 3 (GND) from RS-232 to the LIN and GND pins of my EVB.EVB_Connection4OpenBus.png

I'm configuring my device as shown on the following image:NXP_OpenBus_error8.PNG

Am I connecting or configuring it wrong? Is there any other configuration I should do to be able to connect my device?

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport


you cannot connect RS-232 to LIN directly, you need some LIN interface. And as the tool is based on PEAK you should have e.g. PLIN-USB.
Also you need to power board by 12V so LIN transceiver is powered on the EVB.

BR, Petr

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