S32K148AVB-RDB Launched!

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S32K148AVB-RDB Launched!

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S32K148AVB-RDB Launched!

Audio Video Bridging(AVB) is a protocol for the transport of audio and video streams over Ethernet-based networks, which makes it possible to deliver high volumes of data in real-time to multiple destinations with very low latency. This reference design board demonstrates the usage for AVB over S32K148.

Alternatively, it can be an S32K148 evaluation board of 100pin version besides S32K148EVB-Q144 and S32K148EVB-Q176.

Below shows the board layout, diagram, and main features.

AVB RDB V2 picture.jpg

Figure 1. S32K148AVB-RDB Layout


S32K148AVB-RDB Diagram(Rev B)S32K148AVB-RDB Diagram(Rev B)

Figure 2. S32K148AVB-RDB Diagram

S32K148AVB-RDB FeaturesS32K148AVB-RDB Features

Figure 3. S32K148AVB-RDB Features

In terms of the software, we provide several examples to show the AVB/TSN usages and other applications. The avb_listener_talker project is the main example which implements most features and demonstrates by connecting 2 AVB boards by Ethernet cable.  

AVB examples.jpg

Figure 4. S32K148AVB-RDB Code Examples

Below software stack and middleware are implemented.

✓ Peripherial Driver: SDK RTM 3.0 (Work with Processer Expert)
✓ AVB Stream: RTM 1.0
✓ AVB AudioIf: RTM 1.0
✓ gPTP Stack Version: 1.3.4
✓ Lwip Stack Version: 2.1.2

NoteEven though we did a lot of tests, it’s still the customer’s responsibility to ensure the total quality by themselves when it’s integrated into a real application project, all the sample codes and user guide documentation are just reference for the customer.

NoteWe do not have an FCC or CE certificate for this board.


Now we have 50 pcs boards available in Chongqing, China. For applying for the board, please contact NXP sales or GPIS marketing. 

Since the AVB stack is not free of use, for accessing the code please contact NXP sales or GPIS marketing.

For technical discussion, please contact Jeremy.he@nxp.com or Frankie.zeng@nxp.com.


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