Example S32K116 WDOG Fast Test

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Example S32K116 WDOG Fast Test

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Example S32K116 WDOG Fast Test

Detailed Description:
WDOG tested in SystemInit() function (system_S32K116.c) after POR.
For debugging purposes:
- WDOG counter reference clock is pre-scaled to slow the test (CS_PRES = 1).
- During CNT_LOW test, BLUE LED (PTE8) ON.
- During CNT_HIGH test, RED LED (PTD16) ON.
- Once both tests have passed, GREEN LED (PTD15) ON.
If either of the test fails, WDOG will stay in its default configuration and rest the MCU.
Test HW: S32K116EVB-Q048 REV.B
MCU: S32K116 0N96V
Debugger: S32DSR1, OpenSDA
Target: internal_FLASH


Hi Daniel, 

Just a question from my side: out of reset the WDOG is unlocked, so why are you unlocking the wdog in reconf?

What does happend if wdog is already unlocked and we are unlocking it?

thanks and best regards, 



The unlock write is indeed unnecessary since CS_ULK = 1 our of reset.

Nothing happens, it unlocks already unlocked WDOG registers and continues.



Hi Daniel,

Can I apply this example for S32K144EVB?

Hi nhuan.huynhduc2@vn.bosch.com,

Yes, it has the same WDOG module.

BR, Daniel

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