Rebulid VSDK kernel modules error

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Rebulid VSDK kernel modules error

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I want to rebulid kernel like csi.o, and while reading VisionSDK_S32V2_RTM_1_3_0 user guide. Some questions occurred at 3.3.1 and 3.3.2. 

3.3.1General Preparation
o export LINUX_S32V234_DIR=/linux/sources/directory/for/s32v234/
       optional, only for s32v234 Linux build
       Path to the Linux sources (same kernel as is running on the board)
o export PATH=/path/to/your/compiler/binaries:$PATH
        Path to the compiler binaries

I can't find "linux sources" directory in VisionSDK_S32V2_RTM_1_3_0 folders. And if I try to run "make allsub" on Windows via msys32 in "VisionSDK_S32V2_RTM_1_3_0\s32v234_sdk\libs\isp\csi\kernel\build-v234ce-gnu-linux-d", 

I got this: Makefile:81: *** Please define LINUX_S32V234_DIR pointing to kernel directory 



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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Please be aware, that support to S32V234 Vision subsystem modules is done only
via tickets. This Community is not appropriate for questions of this kind. I
will contact you by e-Mail with respect to this issue, for future requests,

1. Register yourself on NXP Website with your corporate e-Mail.

2.  Use tickets to submit questions.

Have a great day,


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Thanks bpe!

I've created my questions in support system, and how can I get more information or how to figure it out?

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