Z7 core can not access some of the memory address in S32R274

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Z7 core can not access some of the memory address in S32R274

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I encountered  a problem when I develop a  application base on S32R274.

The problem is that:

1、I setup a multicore project using project wizard, enabling the EAR SDK and Radar SDK. 

2、Then I make the example project "OneRF_4Antennas_demo" as a reference to distrbute the memory: there are 5 main parts of the memory, 3 for program of each core, 1 for shared memory and 1 for non-cachable memory. 




3、a big array variable for SPT is allocated at the shared memory section, can be access by both Z4 and Z7.

4、the program execute properly when I using the emulator in debug mode; BUT, when I execute the program not in debug mode(for example, just power down the board and then power up it), Z7 can not execute correctly. 

      It seems that there some system error happened. Then I used the LED to track where the system error happened and what kind of error make the program stopped, the result shown that the error happend when Z7 core try to access the array variable located in the shared memory section. 

        And I check the memory protection configuration, and there is no prohibition on the access on the memory space, both in core MPU and system MPU configuration. 

         Is there anybody help me with the problem? Thanks very much  


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