SD32 for KAE132, issue with uart.c and uart.h library

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SD32 for KAE132, issue with uart.c and uart.h library

Contributor II

Please find attached project for the Freedom KAE132 board that I was experimenting. I copied some code from previous LPC1549 project, including ring buffer that I was trying to adopt for this project. It complie without error so far. I need to integrate UART library into ringbuffer. 


I copied over the uart.c and uart.h from the SD32 design studio (S32_SDK_KEA_1_0_0) into the 102_Library.


1) I could not find example UART based code (with interrupt) that make use of uart.c and uart.h. Can u provide demo code based on that?

2) When included in the project, it reported warning on UART_CheckFlag(), see below. I'm not familar with this type of error.

3) What this local function: void UART_InitPrint(void); It not in the uart.c


arm-none-eabi-gcc "@100_Common/Convert.args" -MMD -MP -MF"100_Common/Convert.d" -MT"100_Common/Convert.o" -c -o "100_Common/Convert.o" "../100_Common/Convert.c"
../102_Library/uart.c: In function 'UART_CheckFlag':
../102_Library/uart.c:313:36: warning: passing argument 1 of 'UART_GetFlags' from incompatible pointer type
u16StatusFlags = UART_GetFlags(pUART);
../102_Library/uart.c:287:10: note: expected 'UART_MemMapPtr' but argument is of type 'struct <anonymous> **'
uint16_t UART_GetFlags(UART_MemMapPtr pUART)


* @brief check whether the specified flag is set.
* @param[in] pUART base of UART port
* @param[in] FlagType flag type
* @return
* 1, flag is set
* 0, flag is clear
* @ Pass/ Fail criteria: none
uint8_t UART_CheckFlag(UART_MemMapPtr *pUART, UART_FlagType FlagType)
uint16_t u16StatusFlags = 0;

u16StatusFlags = UART_GetFlags(pUART);

return (u16StatusFlags & (1<<FlagType));

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Contributor II

I wish to wirthdraw this including the zip file. BTW: I have deleted the zip file. 

I found out that S32_SDK_KEA_1_0_0 library is outdated (and should not be included). I using updated libarty in Quick Start Package v5.

Should the Quick Start Package v5 replace the S32_SDK_KEA_1_0_0 library in S32 Design Studio kit?, or have S32_SDK_KEA_5_0_0 library

How to delete this question?


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