S32 DS IDE 3.3 Configuration Tool errors

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S32 DS IDE 3.3 Configuration Tool errors

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I just migrated my project from S32 Design Studio for ARM 2018.R1 to S32 Design Studio 3.3 and replaced SDK RTM 3.0.0 by SDK RTM 4.0.0.

I had so many problems to migrate through the "migrate" option that I decided to create the project again in this new IDE, and now it works fine.

During the usage of this new tool which replaces processor expert (S32 Configuration Tool) I have detected the next errors, which might seem not important but they can actually steal a lot of time:

- Within peripherals application, flash module automatically sets Callback to "NULL" instead of "NULL_CALLBACK" (which have different values). And even if you manually replace "NULL" by "NULL_CALLBACK" it will automatically set it back to "NULL" the next time you enter the tool. The consequence of this isif you miss it, which is impossible not to do so at some point, after generating the code and running it, it will execute an illegal instruction. This error happens even in the IDE and SDK examples that use flash, so you open them and they will never run as expected.

- Within clock application, I have set the HSRUN divCore to 2 (divided by 2) but the tool sets it to 1 when i import the project into a workspace. And it corrects this error if within the tool I select in HSRUN and then I select back RUN. This one is critical since depending on the clock selection and configuration, it might assigns wrong values to System, Bus and Flash clocks and then initialization fails.

Are those errors already planned to be fixed or what I said is new? In any case, when could they be fixed?

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