HSM not working on S32-design studio

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HSM not working on S32-design studio

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I have a problem with the HSM module. In S32-design studio it cannot make two succesive encryptions or decryptions, only one of each. When I am making with the debugger, manually, it works fine, but in S32 the second encryption/deryption command doesn't work. What is the problem?



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I'm just starting to experiment with this device for a design, and trying to even run code within the HSM. I see that you're (vladstoica‌) having similar issues to me w.r.t. getting the HSM up (no examples, can't compile stuff directly from HSM manual, etc). At this point I'm just trying to get code running on the Z0 core.

I have the security ref. manual but am trying to get a simple example running under S32 Design Studio... I was only sent the security ref without examples, so not sure if they even exist.

Did you have to manually get everything working within S32? Are you using OpenSDA (it doesn't even mention the z0 core), or just flash something into it and view the output?

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