S32 Design Studio for ARM v1.3 (Windows/Linux) released!

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S32 Design Studio for ARM v1.3 (Windows/Linux) released!

S32 Design Studio for ARM v1.3 (Windows/Linux) released!


the new release of S32DS for ARM v1.3 is available now in the download section of S32DS web page: http://www.nxp.com/s32ds




The Activation code is required to install the product. The activation code is different to previous versions (v1.1/1.2).

You should get the appropriate Activation Code by a notification email which is send automatically when you proceed to the downloading:


What is new? 

  • New device supported: S32K144 v2.0
  • ARM64: Linaro GCC 4.9-2015.05
  • Fully integrated S32 SDK for S32K144 EAR release v0.8.2. including PinMuxing and Processor Expert configuration.
  • FreeMASTER Serial Communication driver for S32K144 family 
  • Highly Assembly Optimized version of Automotive Math and Motor Control Libraries for KEA and S32K devices v1.1.6 
  • IAR debugger support by new project wizard
  • Updated SEGGER and P&E debug plugins to the latest and greatest versions
  • Reset functionality added with P&E debugger for single core projects (KEA, S32K devices) and A5 core for MAC57D54H
  • Flash configuration supported for S32V234
  • Header files for KEA and MAC57D54H updated
  • Advanced FreeRTOS kernel aware debug support

Bug fixes

  • Project Explorer updated to correctly show active build configuration resources




The plugins to support GreenHills, IAR, iSystem, Lauterbach are not included and have to be installed from corresponding update site or installation.

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