HOWTO: Setup A Remote Linux Connection in S32DS (S32V234)

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HOWTO: Setup A Remote Linux Connection in S32DS (S32V234)

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HOWTO: Setup A Remote Linux Connection in S32DS (S32V234)

So you have created a project in S32DS with target of S32V234 Cortex-A53 APEX2/ISP Linux . You have built the project and now want to execute it on the S32V234-EVB2, which is running the Linux BSP for the VSDK on a microSD card. There are many ways to do this, however, the simplest is to use the built-in support within S32DS to run and/or debug over an Ethernet connection to the Linux BSP OS running on the EVB. In order for S32DS to connect to the Linux BSP OS, the following steps should be followed:

1) First, we must complete the steps in HOWTO: Setup S32V234 EVB2 for debugging with S32DS and Linux BSP .

2) With the Linux running on the EVB, start a terminal program (for ex. PuTTY) on your PC

3) Set Connection type to Serial

4) Set speed to 115200, Data bits 8, Stop bits 1, Parity None

5) Set Serial line to the COM port associated with the USB port setup in step 1 of this document. (for ex. COM3)

6) Click Open to start the terminal session


7) Press enter key to bring up login prompt

8) Log into Linux (login name is "root")


9) Get IP address, enter command:


      Make note of the IP address


10) Launch S32DS for Vision. From the C/C++ Perspective, select Run->Debug Configurations...


11) From 'C/C++ Remote Application'. Select '<project_name>_Remote_Linux' debug configuration.

12) Select New to create new debug connection.


13) Select SSH


14) Enter the IP address noted earlier

15) Enter user ID as "root". The Linux BSP uses Password based authentication, but by default, no password is set. So the password can be left blank.

16) Select Finish


17) Select Apply, and then if you wish, Debug


This connection is stored within the workspace. It can be added to any projects within the workspace. If a new workspace is created, then this connection will not appear in the selection list.

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