HOWTO: S32 Design Studio Command Line Interface

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HOWTO: S32 Design Studio Command Line Interface

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HOWTO: S32 Design Studio Command Line Interface

Building Projects

There is already a significant amount of information already available on this topic. Please explore the external references listed below for detailed information.

External References

Building Projects with Eclipse

Build Several CDT C++ projects from command line

With the following command line, it is possible to build the project KEA128:

eclipsec -nosplash -application org.eclipse.cdt.managedbuilder.core.headlessbuild -data C:\Users\username\workspaceS32DS.ARM2.0 -build KEA128/Release


The project was located in workspace - C:\Users\username\workspaceS32DS.ARM2.0

Project Name is: KEA128

Build Configuration is: Release

Emitting Source Code

S32 Design Studio for Vision

Emitting the source code from the command line: There are 2 sections in the Reference Manual, one for each of the ISP and APEX2 Visual Graph Tools.


Processor Expert Software - S32 Design Studio

There is a section in the Processor Expert User Guide titled 'Command Line Interface'


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