HOWTO: Create S32V234 Cortex-A53 Linux Project in S32DS

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HOWTO: Create S32V234 Cortex-A53 Linux Project in S32DS

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HOWTO: Create S32V234 Cortex-A53 Linux Project in S32DS

So you've just installed the S32DS and are using it for the first time and would like to see how it works. Here is a quick and simple project to get you started.


Before following the steps in this HOWTO, ensure you have the S32V2xx development package installed to S32DS.

1. Launch S32DS for Vision

2. Select 'S32DS Application Project'


3. Enter a name for the project

4. Select the 'A53 Linux' processor option

5. Click Next


6. Click the '...' next to the SDKs field


7. Check the box next to 'VSDK_MODULE_WIN' for Windows OS or 'VSDK_MODULE_LINUX' for Linux OS and click OK.


8. Click Finish


9. Build the project for DebugpastedImage_3.png


10. Project is now built, ELF file is ready to be loaded to EVB for execution. However, if we have not prepared the EVB, we must first complete HOWTO: Setup S32V234 EVB2 for debugging with S32DS and Linux BSP.

11. Once the EVB is properly prepared, we must complete HOWTO: Setup A Remote Linux Connection in S32DS (S32V234) 

12. With the project debug configuration and remote linux connection selected, select the debug dropdown menu and click Debug Configurations


13. Make sure the Debug_Remote_Linux debug configuration is selected and the connection setup in step 10 is selected (points to the IP address of your EVB). Click Debug


14. The first time you connect to a new IP address (i.e. the first time you debug after booting the board), you will receive a warning message, Click Yes and proceed.


15. The executable file is copied to Linux file system and gdbserver starts.


16. The Debug perspective is opened. You can now step through the code*



*Only debugging of the A53 code is supported by Linux GDB. For multicore debugging, including ISP and APEX2, additional debugger and probe(S32 Debugger with S32 Debug Probe, Lauterbach, etc) will be required.

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