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server web MC9S12NE64

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i from colombia
i have the evaluation version of codewarrior HCS12 to MC9S12NE64 but it doesn't support the opentcp to be able to create a web server because opentcp have 72 file, somebody could help with an opentcp for the evaluation version it is that I need to send a series of data for ethernet, and I don't have a lot of idea of as making it.
however I had another idea and it was of making the web server with the help of the CMX-micronet but he/she has the problem that the tutorial that exists is for the full version and it doesn't stop evaluation version.
if somebody can help me with some of the files (opentcp or CMX-micronet) to carry out a web server for evaluation version.
please upload in the answer
PDT: i need the web server to my thesis
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Hi Juan

Take a look at the uTasker project. It will work with CW, IAR or GNU (the GNU compiler is free and has no file count restrictions). It also consists of an NE64 simulator which makes developing with it much easier and more efficient.

The uTasker is free for educational work and is fully supported (see its forum at

The uTasker project includes all that you will need (HTTP, UART, FTP, TELNET, DHCP, etc.).



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ok  mjbcswitzerland
I will try to use it..... any doubt that I have will go by the forum
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