Using SPI , a simple read from SPIDR

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Using SPI , a simple read from SPIDR

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Hello all,


I was wondering if there was a way to test my SPI without any slave modules.


I simply want to initialize SPI correctly, write data to SPIDR, and copy the same data to a variable.


I have the following variables

volatile byte temp = 0;
volatile byte temp0 = 0;

volatile byte temp2 = 0;


//Port M
DDRM_DDRM5 = 1; // SCK on PM5 set to output
DDRM_DDRM4 = 1; // MOSI on PM4 set to output
DDRM_DDRM3 = 1; // SS on PM3 set to output
DDRM_DDRM2 = 0; // MISO on PM2 set to input


/* SPI SET UP */
SPICR1 = 0x50;   /* MSB first, manual slave select, 0 phase, 0 polarity clock, Master mode, no interrupts on trasmit, enable SPI, no interrupts */
SPICR2 = 0x00;   /* Normal uni directional mode */
SPIBR = 0x57;    /* Baud rate = Bus Clock / Baud Rate Division;  Check divisor table in SPI section pg 463.  Diving by 2048 to try to slow it down to see data on O-scope*/




while ( (SPISR & 0x20) == 0) { /* wait for SPTEF = 1 to know SPIDR is empty  */ }
temp = SPIDR = temp0 = 100;
while ( (SPISR & 0x80) == 0) { /* wait for SPIF = 1 to know new data has copied  */ }

temp2 = SPIDR;




The end result is that temp0 is 100 or 'A'

and temp is 0, which I expected since SPIDR should be initially empty

But temp2 is 255 (I am guessing unsigned 11111111 )


I figured temp2 should be 100 or 'A'


Is my understanding incorrect?


Any info on SPI would help.  I am using a NanoCore with the Motorola 9S12.


Thanks all

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The SPIDR register does not behave like a normal read-write register. Writing to the register initiates a send from the master (via MOSI). Then reading the same location gives the value just returned (via MISO). If the input pin is open circuit (with a pull-up present) the expected return would be 0xFF.


For the purpose of the test, you might try connecting the MOSI pin to the MISO pin.


The port M initialisation might set the relevant pins to inputs, with pull-ups enabled for when the SPI module is disabled.  The SPI module will determine the direction when it is enabled.





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