Questions about S9S12G64F0WLF

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Questions about S9S12G64F0WLF

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1) What is the MIPS(million instructions per second ) of the S9S12G64F0WLF@ 25MHZ ?

2) What is the life time when the S9S12G64F0WLF works at 150C ambient operating temperature?

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Hi Clark,

Regarding CPU MIPS, The best value that can give you more of reference is the Max Bus Frequency. In the case of S12, the architecture of device make that the instructions take different time to execute. Some instructions take 1 bus cycle, others can take more than 5 bus cycles depending on the complexity of the instruction. So it's not very easy to just list a value to evaluate the CPU performance (MIPS value).
But if you want to check the execution time of HCSx12 instruction, you can find the information in Table A-2. of S12XCPURM at , which can give you a more precise execution time for each instruction. For example, INCA needs 1 bus cycle while EDIV needs 11 bus cycles, which means the MIPS value for INCA is 25 and EDIV is about 2.5 while CPU works at Max Bus Frequency.
The most used instructions need typically up to 3 bus cycles. So, we may estimate approximately 8.3 MIPS @ 25MHZ as a typical case.

Regarding life time, we typically specify FIT (Failure In Time) or MTTF (Mean Time To Failure) parameters.
Attached documented contains a general quality specification for S12(X) MCUs built on 180nm technology include S12G. If you need specific data for your MCU and conditions, please create a ticket for our quality department. Here is a guide how to enter a ticket.  

I hope it helps you.


Have a great day,


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