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C++ Compilers?

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Is there a C++ compiler for the 56F8367 DSP or any of the other Freescale DSPs?
Could anyone recommend a C++ compiler for the 56F8367?
This is a CodeWarrior house; however, I would like to know what options are out there.  Also if there are no C++ compilers for the DSPs...
Could anyone recommend a processor that does have a C++ compiler with similar pricing and features to the 56F8367 DSP?  (NOTE:  We don't generally use the extra DSP instructions.)
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I'm in the same boat as bubba.

I am evaluating the MC56F8357 for a large project at my company but require a c++ compiler. Codewarrior for the 56F8300 family only supports C (per the documentation). Having to use C instead of C++ will have a large negative effect our time line.

Is there an alternative c++ compiler to use for this chip or are we stuck with C and Codewarrior?
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