T4240 Rman Doorbell

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T4240 Rman Doorbell

Contributor II

    In T4240QDS board,I want to use Rman to manage doorbell type packet.

I can send doorbell packet,but the speed is very slow! about 1 s every packets.

while I can receive error packet.I debug my software.


[root@VEGA:0008] dbell# ./dbell_test -f dbell_tx.xml

Warning: program compiled against libxml 209 using older 207

Warning: program compiled against libxml 209 using older 207

QMan: Allocated lookup table at 0x3fff7b571010, entry count 32769

do global init!

./dbell_test: warn: drained 8192 bufs from BPID 9

./dbell_test: BPOOL: Release 8192 bufs to BPID 9

./dbell_test: warn: drained 256 bufs from BPID 10

./dbell_test: BPOOL: Release 256 bufs to BPID 10

./dbell_test: warn: drained 8192 bufs from BPID 11

./dbell_test: BPOOL: Release 8192 bufs to BPID 11

./dbell_test: warn: drained 8192 bufs from BPID 12

./dbell_test: BPOOL: Release 8192 bufs to BPID 12

./dbell_test: RMan inbound block0 is initialized

Start dist(dbell_to_peer)

Start dist(dbell_from_peer)

Thread uid:0 alive (on cpu 1)

fra> dbell_test send 4 10

test speed send msg!

test 4 times:10

tx msg addr:4d87f80

testspeed: send command:0x4

tx msg addr:4d87e80

testspeed: send command:0x5

tx msg addr:4d87e00

testspeed: send command:0x6

tx msg addr:4d87d80

testspeed: send command:0x7

tx msg addr:4d87d00

testspeed: send command:0x8

tx msg addr:4d87c80

testspeed: send command:0x9

tx msg addr:4d87c00

testspeed: send command:0xa

tx msg addr:4d87b80

testspeed: send command:0xb

tx msg addr:4d87b00

testspeed: send command:0xc

tx msg addr:4d87a80

testspeed: send command:0xd

rx msg addr:4d87e80

dbell_rx_handler get data 0x5

fra> rx msg addr:4d87f00

dbell_rx_handler get data 0x5

rx msg addr:4d87f80

dbell_rx_handler get data 0x6

rx msg addr:4d87e80

dbell_rx_handler get data 0x7

rx msg addr:4d87e00

dbell_rx_handler get data 0x8

rx msg addr:4d87d80

dbell_rx_handler get data 0x9

rx msg addr:4d87d00

dbell_rx_handler get data 0xa

rx msg addr:4d87c80

dbell_rx_handler get data 0xb

rx msg addr:4d87c00

dbell_rx_handler get data 0xc

rx msg addr:4d87b80

dbell_rx_handler get data 0xd


Attach my test program source code,wherther everyone have same problems.Please help me look at it .


Thanks .

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

We have test_speed program provided in USDPAA FRA application to measure doorbell type packets transcending speed through SRIO.

After setting up FRA application, please execute the following command  to test the speed.

fra>testspeed [send/receive] [packet length] [packet number] [loop number]

Have a great day,

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Contributor III

hello,Yiping Can I get you wechat ?or you telephone no.? I happen to a problem. is there some demo for me can test fra demo ,test msg and doorbell in fra> .

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Contributor III


Did you solved this question?I encountered the same problem!

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Contributor II


i test rman doorbell with P2041RDB, now i does not know how to test it,

have you reserved youer problem?

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