How to configure Rx network flow classification rules

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How to configure Rx network flow classification rules

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I am using P2020 QorIQ Processor and would like to filter receive packets in NIC. The NXP driver for NIC card we are using is from linux open source present in drivers\net\ethernet\freescale\gianfar_ethtool.c

I can configure simple rules to drop or accept packet based on MAC or IP using:

// allow only IP4 packets destined to device
ethtool -N eth0 flow-type ip4 dst-ip action 0 loc 0

// drop everything else no matter what protocol (packet type)
ethtool -N eth0 flow-type ether dst ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff m ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff action -1 loc 3

I am trying to add rule very similar to "Filer example-interrupt from deep sleep" in P2020RM.pfd reference manual attached. Any idea how to implement cluster of receive filer rules to enable filtering based on two or more rules ANDed simultaneously.

Thanks a lot for your help

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