Kernel build error on PM5020 SDK if disable SMP support

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Kernel build error on PM5020 SDK if disable SMP support

Contributor II

Using QorIQ-DPAA-SDK-20111026-systembuilder for p5020ds-64b-linux, if I run menuconfig and just disable the SMP support option, and build, I get a build error in the WSP board support component, which appears to be concerned with interrupts.

It appears as if the code is expecting some SMP-specific functions, which are of course not present.

[Will supply details when access to build machine is restored !]

Is there a correction to the board support that needs to be applied ? Or a workaround ?

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Contributor III

It appears to be broken upstream as well.  The WSP is not a Freescale platform -- you can just disable it and it will build. For future reference, if something breaks in the SDK kernel, please try the same configuration with the upstream kernel.  If it breaks there as well, please report the problem upstream, and contact the author of the code.  In this case, the author of the WSP platform is David Gibson .