P4080 DDR Specific FAQs

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P4080 DDR Specific FAQs

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P4080 DDR Specific FAQs

What is requirement for the voltage ripple of DDR3 controller MVref?

The nominal value of MVref is 1.5V. 1%, +/- 7.5mV is the tolerance value for MVref (ripple range).

Can you please explain the RDRVR resistance for DDR3 SDRAM memory interface?

RDRVR is the "Driver" resistance. It is the resistance at the driver side. Half strength is ~40 ohms and full strength is ~20 ohms.

How can I determine the power rating of the resistor connected to MDIC0 and MDIC1 for both half strength and full strength?

The MDIC resistors connected to MDIC [0:1] signals used for either full or half drive strength calibration do not draw much current. So you can use 1/16W rated resistors for either half or full drive calibration.

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