Enabling SD Interface on P1023 Reference Design Board

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Enabling SD Interface on P1023 Reference Design Board

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Enabling SD Interface on P1023 Reference Design Board

To enable SD interface in SPI boot on p1023RDB: 1. Perform the following updates in u-boot a) Modify pmuxcr to enable SD bus in case of SPI boot b) Update the corresponding static mux implementation in u-boot 2. Perform the following updates in Linux a) Disable IFC from device tree and kernel defconfig

The patch details to enable SD interface are given below. A zip file, AN4336SW.zip, containing the patches for u-boot and Linux accompanies this application note. The file can be downloaded from [1].


  •   Extract the u-boot code from the QorIQ SDK 1.0.1 iso
  •   Apply the patch, u-boot-p1023rdb-enabling-sd-in-spi-boot.patch
  •   Compile the u-boot using "make" command for SPI Flash
   make ARCH=powerpc   CROSS_COMPILE=/opt/freescale/usr/local/gcc-4.5.55-eglibc-2.11.55/powerpc-linux-gnu/bin/powerpc-linux-gnu- p1023RDB_SPIFLASH
  •   Use the boot_format utility to generate the spiimage. For more information, see SDK manual.
  •   Update the SPI Flash with the above built spiimage


  • Extract the Linux source code from QorIQ SDK 1.0.1 iso
  • Apply the patch, linux-p1023rdb-enabling-sd-in-spi-boot.patch
  • Compile Linux using make command
 #make ARCH=powerpc  CROSS_COMPILE=/opt/freescale/usr/local/gcc-4.5.55-eglibc-2.11.55/powerpc-linux-gnu/bin/powerpc-linux-gnuarch/  powerpc/configs/qoriq_sdk_nonsmp_defconfig  #make ARCH=powerpc  CROSS_COMPILE=/opt/freescale/usr/local/gcc-4.5.55-eglibc-2.11.55/powerpc-linux-gnu/bin/powerpc-linux-gnu-
  • Compile the dts
 ./sripts/dtc/dtc -f -I dts -O dtb -R 8 -S 0x3000  arc/powerpc/boot/dts/p1023rdb.dts.dts > p1023rdb.dtb.dtb
  • With the updated SPI bootloader, Linux uImage and p1023rdb.dtb, the user must be able to enable SD interface on p1023RDB.


  • The above-mentioned changes must be done only when the user specifically requires the SD interface using SPI boot.
  • For all other boot methods, these patches must not be used.

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