LIN FSLdriver 2.1 not working

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LIN FSLdriver 2.1 not working

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Dear Friends I am trying to use freescale FSL driver2.1 for LIN communication.. Unfortunately when I checked the debug I am not not able to recieve the break Bit and Sync bit and ID froM MASTER even though I got the value in the SCID buffer. The DRIVER seems to be corrupt ad I need to support 2.1 protocol for my micro controller  Kindly throw some light on using FSL driver for slave communication for 2.1 protocol.

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

The LIN 2.1 Driver is designed to support certain microcontrollers of S12 and S08 families. Please refer to Release Notes to see which.

The driver is provided with a series of demo projects, which were tested and working on both master and slave side.

In order for the driver to parse a frame or signal, that frame and signal has to be defined in the node property files according to the LIN 2.1 standard, otherwise you could see the data in the input buffer, but the driver cannot map them to a logical presentation.

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