USBDM identification

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USBDM identification

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In 2017 I asked for help in identifying my USBDM, but got no replies so I am trying again before I throw them in the bin.

Both items are labelled "freescale".

One PC board is labelled USBDM_CF.PCB V3.1. It has a Coldfire connector, an ARM JTAG connector, a HC8x CF V1 connector and a DSC/ONCE connector. it also has a 4-pin SIL header that may be a serial interface.

The other PC boards labelled USBDM_JS V1.0. It has a 6-pin DIL header for HF8x, a 10-pin DIL header and a 4-pin SIL header, none of which is labelled.

Unless I can identify them I don't know what software and drivers to use.

I would like to be able to use them, otherwise they are just taking up space in the cupboard.




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