Run USBDM applications in console mode

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Run USBDM applications in console mode

Contributor I


Hello pgo,

I have a task where I need to use the USBDM applications, specifically FirmwareChanger and JS16_Bootloader in console mode. Unfortunately, I discovered that these applications do not support execution of its functions from the command line. The console mode  is particularly useful for automating test procedures.

Is there a reason these applications were not designed to enable both GUI and console mode? As I also understand, the UsbdmFlashProgrammer application does not have this drawback.


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Senior Contributor V

I did not anticipate the need to run these in console mode.  Reprogramming the BDM is an infrequent event (at least that is what I thought).

Another contributor (Tom Hebb) has added console mode for JS16 bootloader.  This will be incorporated in the next release.


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