FXTH870911 Sample Code not working with EVB

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FXTH870911 Sample Code not working with EVB

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Hi All together,

Please expand your support for my below issue.

i'm also facing same kind of issue, with Debugger Mode .Firstly i'm working with FXTH870911 434Mhz TPMS Sensor.I have facing the problems like I not able to debug the Sample Code and no sample code executing int he EVB.

#1.I have downloaded Startup Code from free scale there i faced issue with Firmware JUMP Location (0XE003). This i have got clear SW not able to access the address location.

#2. Then i have downloaded the Sample code "FXTH87XXXX PERIODIC RF TRANSMISSION CW10" and flashed with EVB, I have selected FLASH_434_2_AXIS Vehicle Type .s19 file. Please note very first time FR DATA have been transmitted i have used Spectrum Analyzer to test the FR Signals. Then i have modified the transmitted Data size and flashed this time code not working no RF Data Transmission, then i have revert back to original code and flashed this time also no RF Data Transmission.

#3. Next i tried to debug the flashed code i got Debugger connection loss error as well the  Firmware Jump location error when i suspend the Debugging Progress.From this time onward no longer working with any of the sample code.

#4. If i try to reset the Target this will jump to the Firmware address 0xFFFF address instead to the vector address.


#5 . I hope i have accidentally erased the  builtin Firmware data,but i don't have any idea how to restore my IC to normal working conditions.Please any can help me for the steps to resolve this issues.

#6. I have using CW10.6 with TPMS supported component installed. Please node this are the thing im using for my development (FXTH870911 and P&E Micro Cyclone Pro) Debugger.

Please this will be very great-full if any one help me out.



Sakthivel K

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Hi Sakthivel,

I suggest you post in the 8-bit microprocessor area - your question has nothing to do with OSBDM etc so you are unlikely to get a useful response here.

8-bit Microcontrollers


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