Motor Control Class: GPIO PROGRAMMING

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Motor Control Class: GPIO PROGRAMMING

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Motor Control Class: GPIO PROGRAMMING

This video shows how to program the GPIO with Model Based Design Toolbox to obtain the speed reference for the BLDC speed closed loop control system.


We discuss about:

- How to implement a simple program to read data from the GPIO

- How to test in real time with FreeMaster

- How to transform GPI pulses into a speed reference data that represents the rpm.

- How to implement from scratch a Simulink model to cover the GPIO functionality

NOTE: Chinese viewers can watch the video on YOUKU using this link.


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Dear Dumitri,

I'm using Matalb Simulink v2017.b and the MBDT toolbox v2.0.0. Building project is successful, but I cannot succeed flashing the microcontroller (MPC5744P). The problem I identified is that I cannot change the COM port to download the code, in the Configuration Parameters > PIL and Download Config panel. Even if I type the correct number of COM port, the default value ('1') is kept.

Do you have any idea about the origin of the problem and how to fix it ?

Best regards

Alexandre Boyer

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