PHY_API for F104X8A Configuration

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PHY_API for F104X8A Configuration

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Good Morning,

The datasheet for F104X8A PHY - section 12 Configuration - step 6 states:

Apply patch from PHY_API

1) Where can I source "PHY_API" as source code and documentation please? I can't find any definitive reference from F104X8A nor VSC8514 public pages / documentation. I can't find a 'top-level' Vitesse source & I'm not comfortable with any further abstraction.

2) assuming "PHY_API" can be sourced - what "patch" would then need applying?

Many thanks, Mark

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

F104 PHY is a version of VSC8514 without SyncE sold under NXP brand.
The datasheet mentions the original Vitesse PHY API which is not
available from NXP. However, there are verified by NXP  initialization sequences
for this PHY that do not utilize any proprietary
code. These sequences  can be found in Vitesse PHY family drivers in u-Boot and Linux:

If you follow these initialization sequences you do not need any extra
patch or API.

If the solution above is not good for you and you wish to work with
the original Vitesse PHY initialization software, please contact the
current owner of Vitesse brand, Microchip, for this software availability.

Have a great day,

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