Wi-Fi Camera Demo using NXP Single Chip Modules

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Wi-Fi Camera Demo using NXP Single Chip Modules

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Wi-Fi Camera Demo using NXP Single Chip Modules

Boundary Devices demo is a handheld, battery powered wireless streaming application. The demo consists of an NXP SCM-i.MX 6SoloX V-Link device (i.MX6SoloX/PF0100/512MB LPDDR2) + Boundary Devices’ V-Link Top board with 802.11ac module + Boundary Devices’ Carrier board with 5MP MIPI Camera and Battery

SCM V-Link technology is ideal for handheld/space-constrained applications allowing customers to integrate vertically.


  • The demo application streams data via wireless from the 5MP camera on the handheld device to a desktop board which shows the stream on a 7” display.
  • There is a point-to-point link from the handheld device to the desktop device.
  • V-Link Top board from Boundary Devices – QCA9377 802.11ac + BT4.1 module. Pre-certified and ready for production. Mounts on top of SCM V-Link module which is ideal for space constrained applications. 22mm x 19mm board dimensions.
  • Available Linux/Android Drivers for easy Wi-Fi + BT software integration for kernel 3.14.28 and above.
  • On 5GHz network utilizing SDIO 3.0, Wi-Fi throughput is 90Mb/s.


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