OBD-II Car Scanner

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OBD-II Car Scanner

OBD-II Car Scanner




Since 1996 in EU and since 2000 in Europe, the OBD (On-Board Diagnostics) is mandatory for all the cars manufactured. This protocol is used to verify the smoke emissions and check if any car is between the parameters stablished in every country. Also detect engine failures without need to check the engine manually, identifying accurately the problems reducing the repairing time and cost.

OBD-II is a sort of computer which monitors emissions, mileage, speed, and other useful data. OBD-II is connected to the check engine light, which illuminates when the system detects a problem.

Scan tools can be used to make sense of the diagnostic trouble codes and collect data on other aspects of vehicle’s performance.


Use Cases

  • Hotspot in the CAR
  • Geofences and speed limits
  • Driving habits tracking
  • Insurance and Rental
  • Entertainment


Block Diagram




Category Name MCU
Product URL 1 MIMXRT1050-EVK: i.MX RT1050 Evaluation Kit
Product Description 1 The i.MX RT1050 EVK is a 4-layer through-hole USB-powered PCB. At its heart lies the i.MX RT1050 crossover MCU, featuring NXP’s advanced implementation of the Arm® Cortex®-M7 core.


Category Name Serial Link Bus
Product URL 1 KIT33660EFEVBE: Evaluation Kit - MC33660, ISO K Line Serial Link
Product Description 1 The KIT33660 evaluation board supports the MC33660, a serial link bus interface device designed to provide bi-directional half-duplex communication interfacing in automotive diagnostic applications.


Category Name Transceiver
Product URL 1 TJA1100HN: Evaluation Board, TJA1100HN 100BASE-T1 PHY Transceiver
Product Description 1

The TJA1100HN customer evaluation board is a low-cost hardware development tool which supports the functional evaluation of the TJA1100HN 100BASE-T1 PHY transceiver.


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