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Digital Walkie Talkie

Digital Walkie Talkie



China stopped providing analog walkie talkie licenses which consequently has created a high demand for more digital walkie talkie applications. The digital walkie talkies transmits speech in the form of digital encoding. DMR (time division),is more widely used and has a communication speed of 9.6kbps so efficient compression algorithms are necessary.

  • Digital walkie-talkie advantages:
  • Less bandwidth than analog walkie talkie
  • Can use encryption algorithm for higher security
  • Easy networking
  • High quality speech

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Category MCU
Product URL K24_120: Kinetis® K24-120 MHz, Full-Speed USB, 256KB SRAM Microcontrollers (MCUs) based on Arm® Cort... 
Product Description The Kinetis® K24 120 MHz MCU family targets low-power, cost-sensitive applications requiring high-performance processing efficiency and large memory densities.


Category Accelerometer
Product URL MMA8653FC: ±2g/±4g/±8g, Low g, 10-Bit Digital Accelerometer 
Product Description The NXP® MMA8653FC 10-bit accelerometer has industry leading performance in a small DFN package.


Category Secure Element
Product URL A1006: Secure Authenticator IC - Embedded Security Platform 
Product Description The Secure Authenticator IC is manufactured in a high-density submicron technology.


Category Audio Amplifier
Product URL TDF8530TH: I2C-Bus Controlled Quad Channel 45 W / 2 Ω Class-D Power Amplifier with Full Diagnostics 
Product Description The TDF8530 is a quad Bridge-Tied Load (BTL) car audio amplifier comprising an NDMOST-NDMOST output stage based on SOI BCDMOS technology.
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