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Automotive Switch Panel

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Automotive Switch Panel


The S12ZVC is a highly reliable, low-cost 16-bit MCU that offers a built-in voltage regulator along with CAN bus, 12-bit ADC and a 4-channel PWM. This feature is a great asset when developing end-node automotive solutions, such as a switch panel, based on CAN bus integration. This application integrates many buttons and knobs to control automotive systems, for example, Lights, Doors, Audio Systems, Air Conditioner or windows at the driver or passengers reach.

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S12ZVC Mixed-Signal MCUs|MagniV | NXP 

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The S12ZVC is a low-cost MCU, designed for the smallest automotive CAN-termination nodes. The S12ZVC core integrates a 5V to 12V voltage regulator, this features enable the capability for the MCU to become an automotive solution; from lights to doors, to trunk locks or air conditioner switches.



Vreg for 3.5 to 20-volt operating range, scalable in supply for on- and off-chip systems
CAN physical layer
High-resolution mixed signal:
12-bit resolution ADC
16ns resolution PWM and Timer

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