List of MagniV S12(X) Application notes

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Application NoteLinkSW SW2SW3
AN12086 Simple Serial Bootloader for S12ZAN12086SW
AN5330 Migration Guide for S12ZVM DevicesAN5330
AN5327 Three-phase Sensorless Single-Shunt Current-Sensing PMSM Motor Control Application with MagniV MC9S12ZVMAN5327SW
AN5264 Emulating I2C Master ModeAN5264SW
AN5207 Hardware Design Guidelines for S12ZVM MicrocontrollersAN5207
AN5190 S12ZVM Derivatives Configuring PMF ModuleAN5190SW
AN5168 Using the ADC Module in S12ZVMAN5168SW
AN5135 3-phase Sensorless PMSM Motor Control Kit with MagniV MC9S12ZVMAN5135SW
AN5122 Using Freescale’s LIN Driver with the MagniV FamilyAN5122SW
AN5084 Hardware Design Guidelines for S12ZVL MicrocontrollersAN5084
AN5082 MagniV in 24V ApplicationsAN5082
AN4975 Using MSCAN on the MagniV FamilyAN4975SW
AN4912 Tuning 3-Phase PMSM Sensorless Control Application Using MCAT ToolAN4912
AN4867 Hardware Design Guide lines for S12ZVCAN4867
AN4852 Using the SENT Transmitter Module in S12ZVC DevicesAN4852SW
AN4842 S12ZVL LIN Enabled RGB LED Lighting ApplicationAN4842SW
AN4841 S12ZVL LIN Enabled Ultrasonic Distance MeasurementAN4841SW
AN4731 Understanding Injection Current on Freescale Automotive MicrocontrollersAN4731
AN4723 S12Z MagniV BootloaderAN4723SW
AN4722 Real Time Counter (RTC) on the S12ZVH FamilyAN4722
AN4721 S12ZVH: Hardware Design GuidelinesAN4721
AN4718 3-Phase BLDC Hall Sensor Application Using S12ZVMAN4718SW
AN4704 3-phase Sensorless BLDC Motor Control Kit with the S12 MagniV MC9S12ZVMAN4704
AN4680 PMSM Electrical Parameters MeasurementAN4680
AN4643 S12VR - Hardware Design GuidelinesAN4643
AN4642 Motor Control Application Tuning (MCAT) Tool for 3-Phase PMSMAN4642
AN4618 Sensorless BLDC Motor Control Using S12G240 Based on HVAC PlatformAN4618
AN4617 HMI Design Using HVAC PlatformAN4617
AN4616 Flap Motor Control Based On HVAC PlatformAN4616
AN4558 3-phase Sensorless BLDC Motor Control Development Kit with MC9S12G128 MCUAN4558SW
AN4540 Comparison Between the MC9S12VR and MM912_634AN4540
AN4506 Software Analysis in CodeWarrior for MCUAN4506
AN4505 Safety Considerations S12G-FamilyAN4505
AN4483 Emulated EEPROM Routines for the S12P FamilyAN4483SW
AN4455 MC9S12G128_A240 Demonstration Lab TrainingAN4455SW
AN4448 MC9S12VR Family Demonstration Lab TrainingAN4448SW
AN4418 MC9S12G64 Demonstration Lab TrainingAN4418SW
AN4388 Quad Flat Package (QFP)AN4388
AN4364 Glucose Meter Fundamentals and DesignAN4364SW
AN4320 Introduction to the 16-bit Tower Boards Using the MC9S12GN32AN4320
AN4303 Light control and diagnostics using a MC9S12GN32 MCUAN4303SW
AN4302 Introduction to the S12G Family EEPROMAN4302SW
AN4283 Migrating Software Applications from the S12 (XEXSP) and S08 to S12G MicrocontrollersAN4283
AN4268 Three-phase Sensorless BLDC Motor Control Kit with the Qorivva MPC5604PAN4268
AN4263 Modification of the eGUI (D4D) Driver for char Displays (D4CD)AN4263SW
AN4258 Serial Bootloader for S12(X) Microcontrollers Based on 180 nm TechnologyAN4258SW
AN4236 MC9S12XHY-Family Demonstration Lab TrainingAN4236SW
AN4143 Migrating from the 16-bit S12XE to 32-bit MPC5604B Family of MicrocontrollersAN4143
AN4058 BLDC Motor Control with Hall Effect Sensors Using the 9S08MPAN4058
AN4024 High Speed Stall Detection on the S12HY FamilyAN4024SW
AN4021 MC9S12HY-Family Demonstration Lab TrainingAN4021SW
AN3961 EEPROM Emulation for the MC9S12XS and MC9S12P Families Using AN2302 as a ReferenceAN3961SW
AN3937 MC9S12P-Family Demonstration Lab TrainingAN3937SW
AN3936 How to install and run Classic CodeWarrior products on 64-bit Windows 7 PCAN3936
AN3832 Sensorless BLDC Motor Control Using MC9S08AC16AN3832SW
AN3784 Understanding the Memory Scheme in the S12(X) ArchitectureAN3784
AN3743 Emulated EEPROM Quick Start GuideAN3743SW
AN3624 S12X Temperature SensorAN3624
AN3622 Comparison of the S12XS CRG Module with S12P CPMU ModuleAN3622
AN3613 Using the MC9S12XS Family as a Development Platform for MC9S12P FamilyAN3613
AN3589 Optically-Isolated Multilink BDM Interface for the S08-S12 MicrocontrollersAN3589
AN3555 Investigating XGATE Software ErrorsAN3555
AN3510 S12HZ and S12XHZ Family CompatibilityAN3510
AN3497 S12XS Family Compatibility ConsiderationsAN3497
AN3493 TFT displayAN3493SW
AN3490 Overview of the MC9S12XE Emulated EEPROMAN3490
AN3469 S12 and S12XE Family CompatibilityAN3469
AN3458 Debugging XGATE CodeAN3458
AN3419 System Integrity Techniques for the S12XEAN3419
AN3391 LFAE Bootloader Example and Interface for use with AN2546 (CAN bootloader for S12XE)AN3391SW
AN3333 Implementing CAN and LIN Signal Level GatewayAN3333SW
AN3330 Introduction to the Stepper Stall Detector ModuleAN3330SW
AN3328 HCS12XD Family Compatibility ConsiderationsAN3328
AN3327 Using the S12XE-Family as a Development Platform for the S12XS-FamilyAN3327
AN3300 General Soldering Temperature Process GuidelinesAN3300
AN3298 Solder Joint Temperature and Package Peak TemperatureAN3298
AN3292 XGATE Library SCI EmulationAN3292SW
AN3291 How to Use IIC Module on M68HC08, HCS08, and HCS12 MCUsAN3291
AN3289 Low-Power Techniques for the S12X FamilyAN3289
AN3275 S12 All-Access Bootloader for the HCS12 Microcontroller FamilyAN3275SW
AN3262 Designing Hardware for the HCS12X D-FamilyAN3262
AN3257 Meeting IEC 60730 Class B Compliance with the MC9S08AW60AN3257
AN3253 XGATE Library Load MeasurementAN3253SW
AN3242 S12XD and S12XE Family CompatibilityAN3242
AN3226 XGATE Library ATD AverageAN3226SW
AN3225 XGATE Library PWM DriverAN3225SW
AN3224 Tutorial Introducing the XGATE Module to Consumer and Industrial Application DevelopersAN3224
AN3219 XGATE Library TN STN LCD DriverAN3219SW
AN3208 Crystal guideAN3208
AN3145 XGATE Library Using the Freescale XGATE Software LibraryAN3145
AN3144 Using XGATE to Implement a Simple Buffered SCIAN3144SW
AN3034 Using MSCAN on the HCS12 FamilyAN3034SW
AN3031 Temperature Sensor for the HCS08 Microcontroller FamilyAN3031SW
AN3015 Using the XGATE for Manchester DecodingAN3015SW
AN2974 Quick Start for Beginners to Drive a Stepper MotorAN2974
AN2881 Mapping Memory Resources on HCS12 MicrocontrollersAN2881
AN2880 Using Backdoor Access Capability to Unsecure HCS12 MCUsAN2880SW
AN2836 Web Server Development with MC9S12NE64 and OpenTCPAN2836SWSW2SW3
AN2764 Improving the Transient Immunity Performance of MCU-based ApplicationsAN2764
AN2759 Implementing an Ethernet Interface with the MC9S12NE64AN2759SW
AN2734 HCS12X Family Memory OrganizationAN2734
AN2732 Using XGATE to Implement LIN Communication on HCS12XAN2732
AN2727 Designing Hardware for the HCS12 D-FamilyAN2727
AN2726 XGATE Library CAN DriverAN2726SW
AN2724 Using the HCS12X PIT as a 24-bit Elapsed TimerAN2724
AN2720 A Utility for Programming Single FLASH Array HCS12 MCUs, with Minimum RAM OverheadAN2720SWSW2
AN2708 An Introduction to the External Bus Interface on the HCS12XAN2708
AN2700 Basic Web Server Development with MC9S12NE64 and CMX-MicroNetT TCP-IP StackAN2700SW
AN2692 MC9S12NE64 Integrated Ethernet ControllerAN2692
AN2685 How to Configure and Use the XGATE on S12X DevicesAN2685
AN2678 Using the HCS12 NVM Standard Software Drivers with the Cosmic CompilerAN2678
AN2624 Basic Web Server Development with the CMX-MicroNet TCP-IP StackAN2624SW
AN2617 A Software Piority Interrupt Scheme on HCS12 MicrocontrollersAN2617SW
AN2615 HCS12 and S12X Family CompatibilityAN2615
AN2612 PWM Generation Using HCS12 Timer ChannelsAN2612SW
AN2597 Using the MC9S12E128 to Implement an IrDA InterfaceAN2597SW
AN2573 LINkits LIN Evaluation BoardsAN2573
AN2554 Clearing and Disabling Interrupt FlagsAN2554
AN2552 Configuring the System and Peripheral Clocks in the MC9C12E128AN2552SW
AN2548 Serial Monitor Program for HCS12 MCUsAN2548SWSW2
AN2546 HCS12 Load RAM and Execute Bootloader User GuideAN2546SW
AN2485 HCS12 Software StationeryAN2485SW
AN2461 Low Power Management using HCS12 and SBC devicesAN2461
AN2438 ADC Definitions and SpecificationsAN2438
AN2434 Input-Output Pin Drivers on HCS12 Family MCUsAN2434
AN2433 5V to 3V Design ConsiderationsAN2433
AN2429 Interfacing to the HCS12 ATD ModuleAN2429
AN2428 An Overview of the HCS12 ATD ModuleAN2428
AN2408 Examples of HCS12 External Bus DesignAN2408
AN2400 HCS12 NVM GuidelinesAN2400
AN2396 Servo Motor Control Application on a LINAN2396SW
AN2342 Opto Isolation Circuits For In Circuit Debugging of 68HC9(S)12 and 68HC908 MicrocontrollersAN2342
AN2321 Designing for Board Level Electromagnetic CompatibilityAN2321
AN2318 Using the I2C Bus with HCS12 MicrocontrollersAN2318SW
AN2304 Implementation of a UDP-IP (User Datagram Protocol) Stack on HCS12 MicrocontrollersAN2304SW
AN2302 EEPROM Emulation for the MC9S12C32AN2302SW
AN2295 Developer's Serial Bootloader for M68HC08 abd HCS08 MCUsAN2295SW
AN2287 HCS12 External Bus DesignAN2287
AN2283 Scalable Controller Area Network (MSCAN) InterruptsAN2283
AN2263 PC Master Software: Creation of Advanced Control PagesAN2263
AN2255 MSCAN Low-Power ApplicationsAN2255
AN2250 Audio Reproduction on HCS12 MicrocontrollersAN2250SWSW2SW3
AN2221 MI Bus Software Driver for the MC9S12DP256AN2221SW
AN2216 MC9S12DP256 Software Development Using Metrowerk's CodewarriorAN2216
AN2213 Using Cosmic Software's M68HC12 Compiler for MC9S12DP256 Software DevelopmentAN2213
AN2204 Fast NVM Programming for the MC9S12DP256AN2204SW
AN2201 Low Battery Cranking Pulse in Automotive ApplicationsAN2201
AN2189 Using the Clock Generation Module on the HC12 D FamilyAN2189
AN2153 A Serial Bootloader for reprogramming the MC9S12DP256 FLASH MemoryAN2153SW
AN2104 Using Background Debug Mode for the M68HC12 FamilyAN2104
AN2103 Local Interconnect Network (LIN) DemonstrationAN2103
AN2011 The MSCAN on the MC9S12DP256 compared with the MSCAN on the HC12 familyAN2011
AN1954 MPXY8000 Series Tire Pressure Monitoring SensorAN1954
AN1837 Non-Volatile Memory Technology OverviewAN1837
AN1798 CAN Bit Timing RequirementsAN1798
AN1783 Determining MCU Oscillator Start-up ParametersAN1783
AN1775 Expanding Digital Input with an AD converterAN1775
AN1771 Precision Sine-Wave Tone Synthesis Using 8-Bit MCUsAN1771
AN1716 Using M68HC12 Indexed Indirect AddressingAN1716
AN1705 Noise Reduction Techniques for Microcontroller-Based SystemsAN1705
AN1284 Transporting M68HC11 Code to M68HC12 DevicesAN1284
AN1280 Using and Extending D-Bug12 RoutinesAN1280
AN1263 System Design and Layout Techniques with Single-Chip MicrocontrollersAN1263
AN1259 System Design and Layout Techniques for Noise Reduction in MCU-Based SystemsAN1259
AN1058 Reducing A_D Errors in Microcontroller ApplicationsAN1058
AN1051 Transmission Line Effects in PCB ApplicationsAN1051
AN1050 Designing for Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) with HCMOS MicrocontrollersAN1050
AN5389 S12Z MagniV LIN BootloaderAN5389SW
AN11967 S12ZVM Family in 48 V ApplicationsAN11967
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