PN7150 reduce power to avoid touchscreen interference

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PN7150 reduce power to avoid touchscreen interference

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We have a device with a PN7150 reading RFID cards through a screen with a capacitive touch. Host is a Linux embedded ARM (iMX6) with libnfc-nci-linux.

When RFID is active, it generates an interfence than generates random touch events.

Disabling some technologies from polling (HOST_LISTEN_TECH_MASK), I can reduce this interferences, but I cannot get ride of  all of them.

I'm trying to reduce radiated power from the NFC antenna, in order to see if I can eliminate false touch events, but I'm not finding any way to do this.

1 There is no function in libnfc-nci API to set power values

2 I've not found any parameter in the config files (libnfc-nci.conf libnfc-nxp-init.conf libnfc-nxp-pn548.conf) that can set power values.

I suspect NXP_CORE_CONF array can modify some config to do the trick, I cannot find any clue in the chip manual as what can change to do this.

Can someone point me in the right direction for this?


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