PN7150 Type 4 card emulation with RPi/Python

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PN7150 Type 4 card emulation with RPi/Python

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Hello NXP community,

I am at a beginner level in both programming hardware and NFC, so please excuse any incorrect terminology I use. I have a PN7150 on a OM5578 kit on a Raspberry Pi 4. My ultimate goal is to write Python script that will write text onto the NFC card and do Type 4 Card emulation so that I can transfer that text to an NFC reader device.

It looks like the nfcDemoApp does not support Type 4 Card emulation, so I am wondering if there are any resources I can be directed to that will allow me to test out Type 4 Card emulation capabilities of the PN7150/OM5578 on the Raspberry Pi. 

From my search online, there does not seem to be any Raspberry Pi/Python Type 4 Card emulation support for the PN7150. Although I can find some C and C++ resources for the PN532 or PN7120, I read that those resources do not support PN7150 and those models interface on the SPI bus instead of the I2C bus. 

If I could get some help interfacing the PN7150 via I2C bus on the Raspberry Pi 4 (using Python) to write data onto the PN7150 and emulate a Type 4 card (ISO/IEC 14443 A and/or B), that would be VERY helpful. 

Thank you in advance.

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