NFC Tag Emulation & iOS + Android

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NFC Tag Emulation & iOS + Android

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Have an application whereby I need a NFC Controller, a user scans the device and is directed to a web-site.

The URI must be programmable and prefer a controller over a frontend. 

Can an Iphone (7 onwards) or Android phone auto scan/read a PN7462 and then be directed to a web-site as per the information in NDEF URI?

And this website could be varied based on some info coming through SPI/I2C or USB etc?

Does there need to be a specific App developed on the phone or will a pop-up be presented where the user can accept and then be directed to the web-site?

- Thanks for your support! 

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee



Hope you are doing well. The PN7462 is Full NFC Forum and EMVCo 2.6 compliant

  • Read/Write, Card Emulation & Peer-to-Peer Modes.
  • Full MIFARE family support and ISO/IEC 14443 Type A&B licensed.


IOS phones can interact with a reader in card emulation mode, (so the PN7462 is a good choice). So you will be able to use your IOS or Android phone with the reader in card emulation mode.


The PN7462 has four different interfaces for host connection: USB, HSUART, I2C and SPI.


There is no needed a special App. If the NDEF message is correct, the phone will automatically directed to the web site.


Also please check our NTAG 424 family this tags have a feature called SDM  (Secure Dynamic Messaging) this can create an dynamic URL NDEF, please check if this can be solved with that family of tags as well.


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