MFRC630 no response from LPCD Interrupt mode

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MFRC630 no response from LPCD Interrupt mode

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Hello All,

We have designed Low Power RFID based device where we are using MFRC630 Plus reader chip,with Mifare 1K classic card.

After reading version register of the RFID Chip we are understand this is MFRC63002 chip as per data sheet, also we have read Mifare 1K classic card.

We wanted configure LPCD(Low Power Card Detection) Interrupt for which we made respective configuration but i am not able to get LPCD Interrupt.

However  if we configure any of TIMER interrupts(TIMER0 TO TIMER4) we are able to get interrupts.

we are not able to  understand where we are going  wrong please find below code for LPCD interrupt Configuration.



SoftReset(); //Soft reset the RFID chip
// Configure Radio Protocol
MFRC630WriteReg(MFRC630_REG_DRVMOD, 0x8E);
MFRC630WriteReg(MFRC630_REG_TXAMP, 0x12);
MFRC630WriteReg(MFRC630_REG_DRVCON, 0x39);
MFRC630WriteReg(MFRC630_REG_TXL, 0x06);
uint8_t instruction;
// ready the request.
uint8_t send_req[] = {instruction};

MFRC630WriteReg(0x06, 0x7F); // clear interrupts
MFRC630WriteReg(0x07, 0x7F);

MFRC630WriteReg(0x09,0xE0); //only trigger on LPCD for irq1

MFRC630WriteReg(0x24, 0x00); // Write min. T4 reload value Hi
MFRC630WriteReg(0x25, 0x05); // Write min. T4 reload value Lo
MFRC630WriteReg(0x23,0xDC); // Config T4 for AutoLPCD&AutoRestart.Set AutoTrimm bit.Start T4.
while(!(MFRC630ReadReg( 0x23) & 0x80))
MFRC630WriteReg( 0x23 , 0xDC);
MFRC630WriteReg(0x43, 0x40);
while(!(MFRC630ReadReg(0x00) & 0x80))
MFRC630WriteReg(0x00, 0x41);



I would request if possible can any one please help us with LPCD interrupt configuration at your earliest.

Please let me know if there any mistakes or modification which we are missing for LPCD configuration.

Santosh P

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi @santosh2 ,

Actually there is a LPCD demo "NfcrdlibTst12_Rc663Lpcd " available in the latest NFC reader library, and we also provide the following app note on LPCD topic, Please kindly refer to the following for details.

And you may refer to the information for your application.



Have a nice day.


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