MFEV 730 Connectivity Setup Help - Unable to find entry point named 'phhalHw_DUT_Init'

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MFEV 730 Connectivity Setup Help - Unable to find entry point named 'phhalHw_DUT_Init'

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We are very new to the NFC space so we appreciate all the help. We just got the MFEV 730 reader, connected it via USB, downloaded RFID Discover Lite, and created a new profile. For the Contactless Reader Selection, we have PN7462AU: COM1 selected. For the Contact Reader Selection (for SAM) we have NXP: Semiconductors NXP Pegoda 3 (CT) 0 selected.


I then hit Ok and look to the history where I see the following

Status: Fail

StatusInfo: Unable to find an entry point named 'phhalHW-DUT_Init' in DLL "NxpRdLibdll'

Module: RWD

Command: Open

Sent Data: PN7462AU: COM1; NonX=1;

I also see the following:

Status: Fail

StatusInfo: BAL,USE_Condition

Module: SAM

Command: Close

Sent data: NXP Semiconductors NXP Pegoda 3 (CT) 0


Furthermore, we do not see the correct PCSC Readers List as shown in fig 14 of UG10039.


We've been consulting UG10039 as best as we can, but are unable to find an answer. Thank you very much for your time and assistance. 

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Dear Phillip,

Thanks for reporting this. Indeed, RFIDDiscover lite might have problems with the MFEV730 in VCOM mode, that's not yet supported there.

Please make sure to configure the MFEV730 in PCSC mode (that's default at delivery) and use "NXP Semiconductors NXP Pegoda 3 (CT) 0" as contact reader, and "NXP Semiconductors NXP Pegoda 3 (CL) 0" as contactless.

Please note: this will only work if a tag is placed in the reader when connecting.


The even better way would be to get your hands on RFIDDiscover full, which is already quite ahead of the lite version. There, you will have VCOM mode support as well. You can get it after enabling secure file access on your account (see You will need to have an active NDA with NXP for this. 


If you have further problems, please let us know here!


Thanks and kind regards,



Customer Application Support Engineer - Gratkorn - Austria
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The  MFEV 730 works in two modes:

  • PCSC
  • VCOM

The MFEV 730 mode is set by pushing the button on the side with a paper clip (please consult the UG on how to do that and which mode you have set).

Confusingly also RFIDiscover can work in two modes:

  • PCSC - limited by card and hardware support, but should be fine for all L4 cards (desfire and plus in SL3)
  • VCOM - all types of cards should work

From you screen shoots I can see that the MFEV 730 is in PCSC mode as you can set the NXP Semiconductors NXP Pegoda 3 (CT) 0 for SAM,  but you are trying to use VCOM for CL communication. You should change the VCOM to NXP Pegoda 3 (CL) and the reader will work in PCSC mode. If you change the mode of the reader to VCOM the NXP Pegoda 3 (CT) and (CL) will disappear from device manager and you will get a new VCOM device. This can be then used in RFIDiscover (not you will not have a CT PCSC device any more!)





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