Problem with CAN using MIMXRT1170-EVK

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Problem with CAN using MIMXRT1170-EVK

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Hi everyone,

We are trying to initialize and configure fcan. For this, we are using the example "evkmimxrt1170_fcan_transfer". We are using a CAN analyzer for testing and the matlab version is 2020a. The toolbox version is NXP_MBDToolbox_IMXRT1xxx 1.3.



In this model, the send message is managed through buffer ID 8. The ID of the send message is number 7. The receive message is managed through buffer ID 9. The ID of the receive message we are waiting for is number 0x80. We have added a LED to know that the MCU is working.

We can see the sending of messages from the board and also the receiving of messages. However, when we try to send a message from the CAN analyzer to the board (with ID 0x80), the MCU stops working.

We have two questions about this model:

1. Why does the MCU stop working? How can we avoid this?

2. The example is configured with the CAN mask value set to 0. If the mask is set to this mask value, we should not receive any message. However, when the message with ID 0x80 is received, the MCU stops working. Is the mask working properly? How should it work?

I attached the simulink model we are using.

Thanks in advance,


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