Debugging tasks state

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Debugging tasks state

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I'm using MQX w/ K66 platform.

I debugging a situation where a task that is waiting for events doesn't get them. My guess is that the task is running in some loop and doesn't reach the blocking point.

Is there a way to see tasks' state from the debugger?

BTW, the problem I'm trying to debug has happened in the past and disappeared. The task is waiting for uart data and although _io_serial_int_addc is activated the task isn't preempted. At some point the queue is full and the character is tossed.

Any ideas regarding this issue will be very helpful.



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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Hello Ariela,

You can use the MQX RTOS Runtime TAD, this is a tool which allows information screening about MQX OS from a running application or from a memory dump file. Unlike the “standard” MQX RTOS TAD which requires the application to be connected to a debugger and suspended, the Runtime TAD can display information from an application while it is running. This functionality is similar to what FreeMASTER tool already provides for any application, but the Runtime TAD is also aware of the MQX RTOS data structures. It displays the OS objects, such as tasks, memory blocks, semaphores, etc. The Runtime TAD also allows displaying MQX RTOS information from a memory dump file which can be saved from standard TAD while debugging. This enables the analysis with Runtime TAD to be done at a later time or on another computer.

You can find more information in the attached document.

Have a great day,

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