eTPU crank function

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eTPU crank function

Contributor II

Dear all,

Can the crank function of the ETPU engine library recognize the crankshaft signal shown in the picture?


Regards, Fengpng_20210127180642.pngpng_20210127180712.png

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Contributor IV

It is a little hard to tell from your snapshots, but it appears you are looking to find crank position based on a difference in tooth pulse length (rising edge -> falling edge, or falling edge -> rising edge) from one tooth to the next. The standard crank function measures teeth only from falling edge -> falling edge, or rising edge -> rising edge, looking for longer gaps (missing tooth or teeth) or shorter gaps (additional tooth) on the crank wheel. If this latter description does not match your crank signal, you will almost certainly need to modify the crank eTPU code to support your requirements. You are always welcome to contact us at ASH WARE - we've done custom crank/cam eTPU designs and have worked with the NXP AN4907 engine control library.

John Diener