How much time external interrupt takes in MPC5746C

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How much time external interrupt takes in MPC5746C

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Hello All,
I'm trying to measure the time of an external event staying outside this controller MPC5746C.
This controller supports only the detection of the external interrupt on either the rising or the falling edge.
Assume that I configured a pin to be used within the SUIL2 module to detect an external event"SUIL2 module is the responsible for the external interrupts handling"
I configured this pin to be by default at low level, once the external event is present it will pull up the pin level to be at high level
I configured an ISR to be fired on the rising edge of this pin level, so once the external event is present I got the ISR, which I will serve till it ends.
may be the external event lasts for one seconds or two or whatever, may be it will lasts even after the ISR is served.
And I will not get the ISR again because there is no additional edges as the pin level kept at high level
So how can I detect the end of the external event ?
" knowing that I can't also read the pin level within the software because it must be configured as GPIO to be able to read it's value while it is configured to be an external events detector pin"
Thanks a lot
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Hope this helps.


37.2.3 Modes of operation

Input Pulse-Width Measurement (IPWM)

MPC5746C Input Pulse Width Measurement 

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee


I think the eMIOS is here the only possibility.



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