Problem importing 10.2 project into 10.3, updating to SDK 2.5

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Problem importing 10.2 project into 10.3, updating to SDK 2.5

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I upgraded to MCUxpresso 10.3 and SDK 2.5, then imported a functioning 10.2 (SDK 2.4) project (via a zip archive). It built successfully. I then decided to "refresh" the SDK to 2.5 as I wanted to add the DAC.

SDK manager complained about missing dependencies for "debug_console" and "serial_manager". I checked those two boxes and tried again. After approving the changed files, the project failed to build. It would not find #include "serial_port_uart.h" and of course I could not find any trace of that file.

I found a few mentions of "serial_manager" in postings here, but I could find any actual documentation of "serial manager" to debug this further. The SDK API reference manual contains a section on "debug_console" but nothing on "serial_manager", despite the fact that they are both at the same level under the SDK manager. Could someone please point to this for the next time I need to debug something with it?

After several hours reading posts and re-reading the 2.5 docs, I stumbled on a note in the SDK release notes:

8.7 Create new project without board template The following components should be selected at the same time when creating a new project without using a board template, including serial_manager, serial_manager_uart, debug_console, and one UART adapter (lpuart_adapter for LPUART IP, uart_adapter for UART IP, lpsci_adapter for LPSCI IP, etc).

This says nothing about importing projects, but indeed by choosing serial_manager, serial_manager_uart, debug_console, and UART adapter (only one was listed for me) and updating again, the project then built.

Since it seems highly likely that importing projects from 10.2 to 10.3 will be a common task, it seems additional effort should go into making that a seamless process, or helping when it doesn't. Maybe someone will find this info and it will save them some time.

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi E engineer:

The purpose of the serial manage component is to mask the differences in multiple hardware modules.

The serial manager provides a set of hardware-independent software interfaces. It  allows applications to easily migrate from one serial port to another.

The document for serial manager is preparing and will be released in future SDK. Thank you for your report.



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