SFR view on MCUXpresso IDE

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SFR view on MCUXpresso IDE

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Usually when I debug  a project I use havily the SFR monitor. 
On some IDEs it was present as default, in older Eclipse versions I used the  Embedded Systems Register View (SFR).

Unfortunately, MCUXpresso IDE v10.0.0 [Build 344] [2017-03-21] does not support the ESRV plugin (old component needed).
Is there any way to explore the content of the SFR from the IDE?
The peripheral view does not provide any kind of useful information at this moment. 



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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

As far as I am aware, that (3rd party) register viewer plugin has not been updated in some time, and has not been updated to be compatible with Eclipse Neon (which MCUXpresso IDE is built on top of).

As noted in a couple of previous threads in this forum, there is an issue with MCUXpresso IDE's built in Peripheral View mechanism when trying to display some registers for some peripherals for some MCUs installed into the IDE from an SDK - this issue will be fixed in our next IDE release (currently expected in early Q3).


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